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The pasha's garden  



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inspired watercolor in Northeastern, wisconsin

I’m inspired by all of nature’s sights, textures, and smells — salty ocean breezes, morning sun on my face, the smell of freshly cut grass — and bright, vivid color. 

what inspires me:

Kelly creates stunning watercolors in her riverside studio in northeastern Wisconsin. When she’s not painting, she is enjoying the slow life — afternoons spent soaking up a good book in the hammock, creating delicious home cooked meals, catching up with friends and family over wine, and curling up fireside with her long-time partner (and partner-in-crime), Fuzzy. 

Watercolorist, Illustrator, Traveler, Adventurer, Creator, Occasional Homebody

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Kelly uses watercolor to bring photographs to life.

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The Pasha’s Garden is a heartfelt, beautifully-told, multicultural children’s tale revealed through luxurious watercolor about the vital role insects play in gardening. — Set in an ancient kingdom in Khorasan, The Pasha’s Garden is the story of a proud king who, after making a hasty decision which threatens to destroy everything he holds dear, seeks the help of a brave young girl to restore his rightful title... The Flower King.

The Pasha's Garden
is here!

Book Information

Inspired by his childhood in Afghanistan, and her passion for watercolor, US Army veteran and Afghan-American author Aria Rahimi and artist Kelly Wolske come together to tell this compelling tale filled with stunning illustrations which leap off the page and transport young readers.

Rahimi was introduced to Wolske’s work through her daughter, Branda Czechan, who Rahimi served with in Afghanistan in 2006. Taken with her work immediately, he proposed a collaboration, to which Wolske — never one to turn down a challenge, quickly agreed. Wolske spent nearly two years years conceptualizing the characters and hand painting the full color pages which now fill the book.

Book Information

"The colors just leap off the page!"


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